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Published Standards

cover These Standards, which were produced by the ALPEMA Members, are the comprehensive and authoritative reference to all the main aspects of the specification, design, manufacture, purchase and use of brazed aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers (BAHXs). The Standards comprise the following chapters

  • General description and nomenclature
  • Tolerances
  • General design, fabrication and contractual information
  • Installation, operation and maintenance
  • Mechanical standards
  • Materials
  • Thermal and hydraulic design
  • Recommended good practice
  • Special applications and exchanger peripherals

The first edition of the Standards was published in 1994 and the 3rd edition is now available through the IHS Standards Store.

Are there any corrections to the 3rd Edition?

The latest version of the Standards is dated May 2012. It includes the following corrections which were made to the first version of the 3rd Edition, published in 2010.

  • p.(v1). Addition of Figure 1-1 to the list of Figures
  • p.31, Section 4.7.2. Replace the statement 'Oxygen-free nitrogen of dewpoint -40°C or better should be used as the test medium' with 'Dry, oil-free, gaseous nitrogen or air should be used as the test medium'.
  • p.42. Addition of new final paragraph to Section, as follows; "Note that Table 5-1 has been updated with values increased compared to past values. Therefore, any additional multipliers applied to ALPEMA allowable forces and moments should be reconsidered."
  • p.52. Format correction to Equation (3)
  • p.54. Format correction to Equation (8).

ALPEMA Responses to Requirements in API 668

A number of Exceptions and Clarifications are provided here as ALPEMA Responses to Requirements in the 1st Edition of API 668 (November 2018). They were developed collectively by the ALPEMA members.

Addendum to the Standards

The Addendum to the current edition of the ALPEMA Standards can be downloaded here. This Addendum was developed by the ALPEMA members and is updated annually. It is provided in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Specification Sheet

A typical specification sheet is available here.


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ALPEMA®, the Brazed Aluminium Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Manufacturers' Association represents the world's five major manufacturers of brazed aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers (BAHXs). These are very compact exchangers built to a high specification for use in air separation plants and a wide range of other petrochemical and refrigeration applications. The Association has developed a set of standards for the manufacture, installation and safe operation of BAHXs.


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